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Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

Companions and allies in battle! You have gathered here, from your distant realms and lands, in the city of Kyre. In the process of being rebuilt after the War of the Lance, Kyre sits on the border between the good lands of Solamnia and the wicked lands of Lemmish. War is brewing between Solamnia and their ally the dwarven kingdom of Garnet, and Lemish. And you heroes will lead the way into a peaceful future, through the gauntlet of war!

War in Lemmish will be dangerous because the Eastern half of the country is occupied by the Blue Dragon Army, remnant of the great force that shattered Solamnia during the War of the Lance. While the army isn’t as strong as it used to be, blue dragons, ogres, and goblins shall be your foes as you secure the border and prepare for invasion!

It will be your task as heroes, to explore the region, recently re-occupied and pacified by the Knights of Solamnia. You must explore the ruins of old castles, ferret out hidden goblin strongholds, and make the land safe for settlement once more. You must be ever vigilant for the Blue Dragon Army, or Lemmish soldiers, and discover the best routes for the army to traverse when the time comes to invade.

Home Page

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