Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

Merrow Invasion, Dragonlances Recovered, and a Draconic Reveal

End of Chapter 1

As a massive typhoon gathered off of the coast of Ansalon, Solomon Star and his fellow companions huddled at the Salt Horse tavern in the village of Halter Wood. Time and tide were conspiring to bring an end to the first chapter of this heroic adventure.

After consulting with the dwarven mariner Keenan, recently rescued from the Merrow pens (two adventures previously) Solomon Star, Sadie the Huntress, Yogg, Beltran Half-Elven, and Snirf the Gnome headed out to find the shipwreck of the Raven and the lost crate of dragonlances. Keenan suggested that the growing typhoon might sweep away the wreck and all hope of finding the lances. After a few hours walk south along the coast, Kennan sighted the derelict ship, sunk off some shoals. The party quaffed a potion of water breathing and walked out to the wreck—finding two nasty merrow guardians waiting for them! The battle was severely in the favor of the aquatic enemies, and with much injury and heroic blood spilled, the heroes were eventually successful. They found a crate of silk, preserved with wax against the water, and after long minutes of searching (and as the potion was wearing off) they found a broken crate with dragonlances!! All 8 were recovered successfully.

The party trudged home in heavy weather, covered with mud and blood and with soggy boots. They cleaned themselves naked in the rain (or at least the Gnome cleric Snirf did). The party conversed with Terraxis, who offered a religious debate with Yogg as to who was a cooler god, Paladine or Kiri-Jolith. Both dudes went to bed without convincing the other. The next day the clerics used all their spells to heal up the party, and by nightfall the little Tavern was socked in with the Typhoon. At nightfall, Terraxis returned to the tavern to tell the party of an approaching warband of Merrows! The final showdown began!

Cries of bloody murder were heard on the far end of town as a band of Ogresses slaughered a house of innocent people. The elves took up their bows and a perch on the roof, while the rest of team engaged the ogresses. Meanwhile a band of ogre warriors led by ORUGAN the DESTROYER and an ogre cleric of Zebonim (evil goddess of the sea) came on shore by the Tavern. The ogres engaged with the Elves on the roof, utterly stabbing and pitchforking Sadie and Yogg off the roof of the Tavern. They lay on the edge of death. But the knights of Solamnia rode to the defense of the elves, Solomon star engaging with Orugan and Pete Uth Drakkon engaging the cleric. The rest of the party healed up the wounded elves and finished off the Ogresses.

Pete made a heroic blow against the cleric, who cast a fear spell, forcing him to run away. A dark watery shape began to rise out of the water, and the bronze head of a massive DRAGON was seen. TERRAXIS the Bronze Dragon came to the aid of the party, unleashing a bolt of lighting that smote the evil cleric completely. Terraxis egged on Solomon, making fun of him for missing so many times even though the escalation die was in his favor (though a brief dragon tear was shed as the screaming horse died). Solomon Star fought the Ogre chieftain in single combat, first on horseback, but on the death of the heroic mare Alicia, on foot. It was hard fought but he with a final critical hit, Solomon Slew the Savage Ogre! With that awesome natural 20 that cut the ogre in half, Terraxis proclaimed that Solomon Star was worthy to have a bronze dragon as a companion. Thus Terraxis the Bronze joined Solomon Star! Huzzah!

The session wrapped up with an exploration of the merrow caves, and Snirf and Alicia rolled 20s to find all the treasure, which amounted to something like 20,000 steel pieces worth of treasure, including some ancient artifacts (though no magical treasure). The party took the Osprey ship back to Caregroth and traveled over land to the city of Solanthus where they were fetted as heroes for bringing the dragonlances.




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