Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

A Return To Kyre

The adventure continues

The curtain opened on the city of Solanthus, where Solomon Star and his heroic crew, Yog the Cleric and Agatha the cleric and Pete the knight attested to his heroic deeds, and Solomon was promoted to a Knight of the Sword.

After purchasing many new items, including horses and pavilion tents, and hiring some new squires and servants, the Heroes set out for home in Kyre, and a good week long vacation. Over the course of the week, each became aware of a few rumors and events (Plot Hooks!) that excited comment and action when the party again met up in the Weeping Widow Tavern.

Agatha discovered a secret door in the basement of her family’s dilapidated tavern, while Yog learned of a derelict temple by the northern gate; Pete recalled the rumor of dragons to the north of the city in the mountains and a story of a long lost child named Rossimore who dissapeared before the last war. Solomon was greatly concerned about the lack of soldiers to defend Kyre, and sought to rally troops to the cause of justice and defense of Kyre.

After downing a few pints together, the party set off to explore the ruined temple and the secret passageway—which were conveniently close to one another. The church was peaceful and Gothic in its nighttime beauty, but nothing of note was discovered. All of the former religious markings had been destroyed in times past. Yog and Agatha vowed to reopen the temple under the auspices of the Gods of Good. The party then explored the tavern, with is broken chairs and tables and vandalized windows.

The secret door, located behind a shattered wine cask, lead down into a basement filled with boxes of nuts and furs (perhaps stolen from some northern noble?) and a shrine to the evil god Hiddukel, god of lies and treachery. It came out then that Agatha’s family were all evil and nasty, and that its likely they helped run a thieves guild or something similar in years past. It appeared that they had fled the city, but with plenty of time to clear out all evidence and treasure. In a sub-basement, the party found prison cells, one containing a finger with a simple brass ring, and a broken Solomanic Knight’s dagger.

Heading further down the stairs, the party came to a rushing torrent—an underground river or aqueduct. There was space for a boat to be tied, but no boat, and no way to progress further without getting wet. SPLASH! Into the water went Yog, and the party followed. It appeared that they were exploring some kind of underground sewer or water system—built in an age past. Rusty iron bars prevented the party from following every passageway, but Agatha was brawny and opened them up! Exploring around, the party found a host of water beetles that fought to the death in a bloody skirmish, and a cold waterfall that was the source of much (or all?) of the water in the sewer. They finally discovered a second platform, this one with a tiny boat—they rowed it back to the start and crashed in the inn for the night.

The next morning, a bell began tolling across the city, and the party went to investigate. Sir Jormund Uth Tammo had called a war council! Orders had come in that he was to organize a scouting party of the southern lands of Lemmish in preparation of the coming invasion. New information was needed of the forces and defenses of that land. The party was tasked with this quest, and to leave in two days. They learned of Castle Wallguard, a historic fort in the south, the village of Wayfold, and its lord Wal, as well as the village of Shelm, near by Bitch Creek. Rumor has it that the humans of Lemmish are dissatisfied by the Hobgoblin occupation and that they will greet the Solomanic invasion as liberators!!!

Wrapping up the session, The Heroes worked together to rally new troops using the new team base, the Bronze Dragon Inn, as a recruiting center. Each party member had a hand in it, even Terraxis the Bronze showed up and terrified the people. In all 10 new soldiers were recruited—Huzzah!



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