Agatha Onesti, Cleric of Paladine

Cleric of Paladine


Agatha Onesti is a stern faced acolyte of Paladine. She is blonde and grey eyed, with her hair cut in an utilitarian bob. Agatha is seldom found outside of her martial dress. She has tattoos in spidery Nerakese script under her eyes that roughly translates to “Never forget from whence you came.”


Agatha Onesti was born several years before the War of the Lance to Pavul and Gloriana Onesti, two disciples of Hiddukel. Pavul came from a long line of Hiddukese deceiver-priests who kept the flame of belief alive in the 300 years between the Cataclysm and the present age. He tells the fellow devout that he is a direct descendant of a Nightmaster from days long past, Quarthonesti.

The Onestis presided over mystery cults that pauperized their desperate followers, all in the name of the silent god of tarnished gold. Pavul came into adulthood shortly before Hiddukel returned to the world, and blessed his followers with fell powers. Living a double life in Kyre as the innkeeper of the Coin and Scales, Pavul delivered the souls of fallen Solamnic Knights to his master while fathering Agatha and a passel of brats with Gloriana.

Gloriana was head of a Kyrean thieves guild, the Gray Grafters, before she was nearly subject to one of Pavul’s cons. She left the guild when Pavul showed her the value of a stolen soul.

The Onestis had the fortune to be present during a time of great upheaval, when Hiddukel returned with the other gods and the Dragon armies of Ansalon sacked much of Solamnia. Refugees were ripe for defrauding, and believers of the good gods were ripe for informing. The Onestis were responsible for scores of true believers meeting the swords of Takhesian inquisitors during the occupation.

Agatha was brought up as a cutpurse and liar, groomed to become clergy in the restored order of Hiddukel. She would be subordinate to her older brother, Gargax, who would one day become Hiddukel’s high priest and maybe Nightmaster of the evil faiths. During the sack of Kyre, Pavul wanted to relocate his family to Caermish to safeguard his bloodline should the balance of power suddenly shift.

The group of wayfarers that Gloriana and family traveled with were attacked by hobgoblin raiders who did not know friend from foe. The travelers were scattered by bow fire and Agatha was separated from her family. Wounded and hungry, she was left alone in the forest.

Agatha would have perished had she not come across the hermitage of the wildman Yor, who tended to her wounds and sheltered her. Unwilling to reunite her with her family in the evil kingdom of Limmish and wary of taking a child back into a battlefront, Yor raised her in the forest, teaching her herbalism and how to use a staff sling as a deadly weapon.

After the tide of the war turned, Yor took Agatha to Solanthas and placed her under the care of Arthax, a priest of Paladine, who knew Yor from olden days of high adventure. Arthax broke through Agatha’s callow angst and reinforced Yor’s lessons of kindness. Their intervention came at a critical juncture and turned Agatha into a fastness of justice despite her early years in the service of HIddukel.

Agatha’s last encounter with her birth family took place the night before she was to take her vows and become an acolyte of Paladine. Her father, Pavul, and two of her siblings, Gargax, a priest of Hiddukel and Ellesim, a full fledged dark knight, kidnapped her and tried to coerce her into joining the Blue Dragon Army. When they failed, they chose to tattoo her face with the language of her new found enemies and extracted an oath from her to never strike directly against her blood.

Agatha is a deeply practical woman who sometimes loses sight of the little picture in her quest for justice. A byproduct of her upbringing is that she has a mean streak a league wide. She is very reserved, but will lay down her life for her companions and the downtrodden.

She wants to turn her siblings away from the path of evil if it possible. Agatha wants to redeem the family name and create a good association for the name Onesti.

On her way to Kyre, to claim the dwelling that her father abandoned when he left the city, Agatha met Duroca Ratsbane at an inn. The two have become unlikely friends.

Pavul Onesti, father
Gloriana Onesti, mother
Gargax Onesti, brother, cleric of Hiddukel
Ellesim Onesti, sister, evil warrior
Beldak Onesti, brother, scout for Dragon Army
Brecaryn Onesti, sister, wizard of the black robe
Judith Onesti, sister, warrior in Limmish

Agatha Onesti, Cleric of Paladine

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