Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

Quest to the South Part 2

Heroic Rescue from the Merrow Pens

After settling in to the small fishing village of Halter Wood, Agatha Onesti, Cleric of Paladine and Sadie the Huntress decided to take a short trip down the coast. They rented a boat from Skrumpy (aka Gramps) and the three of them set off to find the fabled seaweed “Merrow Hair” that once chewed will let one breath under water. About three hours down the coast, the ship came under attack. Literally! A merrow warrior punched and clawed his way through the bottom of the small fishing boat. It was touch and go there for a while, but no one died but the Merrow, who went down in a hail of arrows from Sadie’s bow.

Deciding that a water approach was close to suicide, the two heroes headed down the coast road, eventually meeting up with Solomon Star who was scouting the area. The party traveled up a rocky and watery ravine, encountering a raiding party of Ogres and Ogresses bent on eating and killing. They slaughtered the ogres easily (much to the delight of the DM who was worried about the monsters being too strong). One Ogress almost escaped but Sadie put in arrow in her ass and killed her dead. No survivors meant that they approached the merrow caves without being spotted. They traversed a sharp waterfall, and Solomon discovered a ledge behind the falling water. Inside was a narrow entrance to a deep water filled cave, and a dead body and some adventuring gear, later identified as the local hero of Halter Wood, Roy, who had disappeared a few weeks back. He was a dessicated and rotting corpse. Eww.

After dropping into the flat plain below the waterfall, the party noticed a pen of slaves and animals being held by the Ogres as food. They worked to rescue the human survivors, some from the village and some from the wreck of the ship Raven. A few escaped up the rope ladder before four strong ogre warriors burst from the nearby cave. The two in the lead were Irog and Zrog, the Merrow leutenants!!! A horrible melee ensued, where Sadie fired her bow from above with startling accuracy, and Solomon threw his enchanted Javelin, powered with the might of lightning! This softened up the ogres, and only one wailing weeping mother was slain by the ogres. The party rescued 7 lives that day, including the sailor boy Paul, who was the most coherent and excited NPC (and would make a good squire…)!

The Party returned to Halter Wood as heroes, encountering Elsie, the girlfriend and betrothed of Roy who wept and beat her breast. She swooned into Solomon’s arm and a titty brushed his hand erotically. Who knows what romance awaits those two?

The party also encountered a mysterious man named Terraxis who claimed to be an explorer of shipwrecks. He has tawny tanned skin and beautiful amber hair. He traded a few potions to the party for this and that, and Agatha traded her share of Roy’s loot for a powerful scroll of Paladine. Not trusting his motives, Agatha cast her detect alignment spell, only to find Terraxis is lawful good!

What awaits the party in the next session, who can say? Will the elves travel to the tower of high sorcery? Will the knights find the lost dragonlances? Will Solomon get laid? Only time will tell!



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