Solamania and surrounding lands

The Realm of Solamnia is a large territory in the north west side of the continent of Ansalon. It is governed by the heroic order of knights, the Knights of Solamnia. The knights are divided into three groups, the Knights of the Crown, Knights of the Sword, and the Knights of the Rose, in ascending order of their importance and power.

Solamnia is divided into a number of provinces, including Panthalas, the Capital City, and Solanthus, where most of our adventures will take place. Other areas of interest include Vinngard to the north of Solanthus, and Caergroth, a major southern trade city on the coast.

The Dwarven kingdom of Kayolin or Garnet is nominally a part of Solamnia, but its independently governed by those dwarves.

To the east of Solamnia lies a few barbariand and ogre kingdoms, Throt and Eswilde (nasty places), and Lemmish, a human kingdom ruled by king Neimith. Neimith seized power by overthrowing the old Lemmish king during the War of the Lance. This was done with the support of the Blue Dragon Army, which now controls the eastern half of Lemmish.

Solamania and surrounding lands

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