Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

A House full of Ogres
more adventurers assemble

After a week of rest, Ilyena of Sylvanesti and Kyras Half-Elven met up to exchange some spells from their spellbooks and to plan a dinner party. They invited Sir Uth Tammo and other nobles and party members to attend. Their they announced their intention for traveling to Qualinesti to seek out Rob’s father, and for the secret mission of traveling to the Tower of High Sorcery for Ilyena to take the Test of High Sorcery, to become a High Sorcerer. Uth Tammo didn’t seem impressed by Ilyena’s subterfuge, but he talked up Kyras about working as a spy, bringing him information from his many local fans at the bars and taverns of Kyras.

The Knights of Solamnia, Pete uth Drakkon and Solomon Star joined the party, along with a few other notables, including Beltran Half Elven a new squire of the crown, and Sadie the Huntress the companion of Ilyena, set off on an adventure north to the capital city of Solanthus, there to take the high road to the port city of Caergroth in hopes of finding a ship. The day passed most uneventfully, and the party talked to a few farmers, before stumbling upon a pavilion tent set up in some very ancient ruins, and a new party member, Yogg the Clericthe wild Silvanesti Elf cleric of KiriJolith, the good god of battle. The tent was occupied by Sir Uth Hallyo, a local noble and bit of a fop. He asked for the party’s aid in clearing out a host of goblins and ogres that had taken over his manor house and prevented the cutting of timber, very necessary in the rebuilding of both Kyre and Solanthus. The party agreed to help, for 100 steel pieces each, and a choice of weapons from Uth Hallyo’s stores.

The party rode north into the hills, passing the Mill at Carpenter’s Square, and meeting with some trappers traveling north along the ridgeline. They told the party two interesting rumors, one of the conflict between the farmers and the Rancher’s League, and that two Bronze dragons had been sighted flying over the mountains in this area. After leaving the trappers in peace, the party rode north into Jackson Pass, encountering a large band of goblins, which they slayed utterly and completely with a massive cavalry charge by the Knights and a short burst of arrows from the elves. The party approached the manor house, located prominently in the high vale beyond the pass. The elves sneaked up and around the house, finding a smaller side door where they engaged and killed two hobgoblins. The knights chose not to be heroic and burst open the front door, but instead circled around to the side door, and the whole party went in on foot. After entering the building and moving through a few small rooms, the Heroes met with a large party of ogres and hobgoblins; this time the ogres proved to be little challenge as Pete, Solomon, and Beltran took point, and the other party members circled around to find another entrance to the room. A few minutes of battle was all it took; the knights slayed the ogres, and the elves used their magic spells to down most of the hobs. A quick decisive battle, with very little loss of heroic blood. Huzzah!

The party explored the building, finding some ogre treasure and the promised store room of weapons in the basement. On ascending to the second floor rooftop, the party encountered a fearsome foe—a Griffon! It attacked Solomon Star, and then wheeled off into the sky to attack the gathered horses outside. Griffons love horsemeat more than any other. After being savaged by a brutal critical hit (claw/claw/bite), Pete’s heavy warhorse Pip was almost dead. He jumped on his back and rode him out of danger, while the rest of the team engaged in bloody animal murder against this fearsome beast. Ultimately the griffon was slain by Yogg’s arrow, and the party was able to rest once more.

The party retreated to Kyre to recover from their wounds, switch out wounded horses, and for Solomon Star to be knighted by Sir Uth Tammo. Solomon also voiced his desire to become a Knight of the Sword, and so Uth Tammo has proclaimed that Solomon is now Knight Errant on his personal quest to destroy evil, wright wrongs, and uncover lost things.
After a quick rest, the Heroes of Kyre again set out on the road to Solanthus.

Quest to the Silver Mine
The death of a heroic knight

After meeting their new companion, Rupert Half-Elven, the merry band of adventurers continued their patrol along the southern edge of Solamnia, in search of the The Lost Silver Mine rumored to be near that location.

After an uneventful day’s journey, the group sighted a low set of hills. After scouting around the hills, an approach from the south was made. Leading up into the hills, following a ravine, the adventurers sighted a large stone door. It was both a door, and it was a-jar. Upon approach the group was set upon by six goblin guards, throwing hand axes and fighting with spears. Four of these were dispatched and two sent flying into the mine complex. Entering the mines, the team found a foe too great to fight: Ogres! One ogre sent a spear flying at Rupert, wounding him grievously, and the “heroes” beat a hasty retreat.

Returning to Kyre, Rupert and Pete uth Drakkon reported to Sir Jormund uth Tammo that they had found a secret goblin base, and he tasked them with returning en-force to clear out the enemies. Ilyena of Sylvanesti made friends with the Gnomish cleric of Shinare, Snirflibus Geronimanioragus Koobolloo, while Kyras Half-Elven began to right the ruins of the grove of Branchalla on the top of the eastern hill in Kyras.

After two days of rest, the party set out again to the Silver Mine, making no stops. They devised a plan to burn a bush outside the door of cave to smoke out the ogres. And it worked! The ogres rushed out only to find the keen blades of three knights of Solamnia, since Solomon Star decided to join the group. Rupert got hit hard by an ogre club, Kyras killed the first ogre with help from the team, and then Rupert redeemed himself by killing the final ogre. Huzzah! The party entered the Silver Mine once more, to see a barreling cart of Hobgoblins entering the fray, led by their master Jungwasser. The fight was hot and heavy, with many Hobs fleeing and fighting this way and that, and Kyras casting his new Illusion spell to make it seem like more Knights were on the way. Jungwasser was damaged by an arrow, and he fled with some of his goons. But the final few Hobs tore into Rupert, slaying him utterly! Woe to the party!

After laying out Rupe’s body, the party continued into the mine. The entrance way was clearly carved by dwarves during the era after the Cataclysm, and was dedicated to Reorx the god of dwarves and crafts-persons. Constructed as a long hall with a track for a cart, the Heroes followed along the tunnels, finding a side passage filled with Cave Fishers. After a battle that was very tug-of-war, the Fishers were defeated and their treasure gained—A green stone box, a red gem necklace, and a platinum statue of Reorx. While a side passage was left unexplored, the party continued on to the back of the chamber to find Jungwasser.

The battle against the final hobs didn’t last long, since the enchantress just slept them all except ol’ Jungwasser, who ran to escape by way of a deep well. A sword slash from Pete seemed to end his life, as his body fell backwards into the well with a sploosh. After collecting the Hobs treasure, including 5,000 cp and 6 goats, the party returned to the city with the body of their fallen companion.

During a week off from adventuring, Pete uth Drakkon was knighted for his great work, and Soloman commended. Illyena learned some new spells, and Kyras began composing the future hit dirge, Song of Rupert. Thus the adventure concluded.

The Adventurers Assemble
First Quest

A boy runs in to the Weeping Widow Inn, proclaiming loudly that his farm is under attack by a roving band of goblins. Two knights stand to their feet, Yeltsin and Pete uth Drakkon, who proclaim that they will help save the poor farmers. The Lady-Mage Ilyena of Sylvanesti and her bard friend Kyras Half-Elven, who are bored with just sitting around and drinking all day, decide to join them. Off across the hills, along the goat track they went.

Smelling fire as they entered the farm, Pete charged into the yard to see four goblins chasing after chickens, and generally dicking around. After challenging them to surrender, he dismounted and chased them behind the house, followed by the bard and the mage. Yeltsin headed into the farm house, to see some blood. Both knights were shocked to see goblins jumping out everywhere! The Knights and their heroic Silvanesti companions fought them, with the battle turning event being the awesome power of Ilyena’s sleep spell that sent four of the goblins ‘nite nite’. Thought there was one casualty, a small farmer lad, the day was generally saved by the heroes.

Retiring to Kyre, the heroes brought the goblin prisoners before Sir Jormund uth Tammo, who praised their quickness, but admonished the knights on their lack of care for life itself, the highest Measure. He then suggested that the four heroes made a good team, and that they should ride out on patrol. And so the heroes did, slaying some wolves, and rescuing some lost cows, returning the hides and cows to a Rancher’s League hacienda in the south. There the heroes heard news of the lost silver mine in the south east.

Kyras the bard gathered much information from different sources, hinting that there were goblins, ogres or worse occupying the mine. A shifty dude in the Weeping Widow suggested that he might act as a fence for procured goods. The Bard also had a sweet dream of harp music, and the star pattern of Branchala the god of music, and was healed much from his wounds by the sound of life.

The adventurers ended their session sleeping at the hacienda, in comfortable beds of hay.

The story so far...
background information

The world of Dragonlance has a long history, shaped primarily by the Dragon Wars (numbers 1-3). The world has just come out of the grips of a terrible war, called the War of the Lance. In this war, Takhisis the Queen of Darkness, unleashed her dragon armies (one for each color of dragon: red, blue, green, white, and black) on the lands.

The world was ripe for conquest—for many centuries since the Cataclysm, the Gods had remained distant from the world, and there was no priests or priestly magic to heal the lands. Nor were there many wizards, since most people distrusted the use of magic.

But with the oncoming war, and the return of the Gods to to the continent of Ansalon, shit got real, and real dangerous. The Red Dragon Army smashed the Elven kingdom of Qualinesti, while the Green Dragon Army smashed the other Elven kingdom of Silvanesti. The Blue Dragon Army went strait for Solomania, the traditional guardian of the free people of the world.

After much fucking around, and a ton of battle, the Dragon Armies were pushed back, and Takhisis was exiled to the Abyss. But the Solomanian province of Solanthus, where your party has met up, was hard hit by the war. All the farmers were roasted by goblins, and the ranchers survived by moving their herds west. They are only now returning.

Things of Note.
1) Kyre is being rebuilt and the lands are still dangerous. There is much opportunity to advance.
2) The Knights of Solomania control the city and region politically and militarily. You work for them. They are Lawful Good. Always.
3) The Rancher’s League has economic control over the region. They want to secure the best land for themselves and their flocks.
4) The Dwarves of Garnet are very close allies to the Knights, and they will likely lead the assault on Lemmish when it comes.


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