Yog the Cleric

Elven cleric of Kiri-Jolith, Sword of Justice, the Many Angled One


An elven hybrid of Rob Zombie and Steve Buschemi, Yog has long matted hair turning into dreadlocks. Yellow cracked fingernails and bulging, bloodshot eyes. Red dust covers him entirely, except for his gleaming steel holy symbol. He always looks like he’s tripping balls and has no indoor voice.


Yog relates his tale as such:

“I was a sinner, an outcast, lost and wandering the Plains of Dust when he came upon me. Kiri-Jolith, the Many Angled One, bristling with swords and arrows, slanting off through space and time, bringing apocalyptic reckoning and holy war under silver skies, to effect ruin and woe upon those who hold evil in their heart.”

By definition, most priests of Kiri-Jolith are of the standard variety: your run of the mill cleric with perhaps some inclination toward holy war. Yog preaches a different brand of religion. Personally instructed by Kiri-Jolith, Yog’s aim is the development of a radicalized splinter sect, a psychedelic, Book of Revelation, Cthulhu-toned version of Kiri-Jolith straight from the wasteland.

Yog the Cleric

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