Solomon Star

Knight Errant, petitioner for the Knights of the Sword


Solomon is a tall strapping young man bearing the armor and sigil of a Knight of the Crown. Fresh-faced and youthful, he wears the hardened gaze of a young man who has seen much of war while still projecting the warmth of a young idealistic man who still believes in the underlying goodness of the world.


The Star’s are a huge proud family with a long martial tradition. They proudly jest, “Let their be more Stars on the battle field than in the sky!”

With roots back to pre-war Solomania, the Stars fought against the advancing Blue Dragon armies and served in the rear guard as Solanthus was overran and humanity fell back to the west. As the War of the Lance waged on, the Stars were consistently represented on the battlefield. It would follow that once the Knights of the Crown were established, the Stars were enthusiastic in their support and participation. Throughout the generations many Stars would fall, but the Stars seemed to be constantly replenished by an unyielding an hearty fertility.

As such, Solomon’s family and the military has been one and the same for generations.

Solomon Star

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