Ilyena of Sylvanesti

Elven mage and refugee from the city of Sylvanost


Ilyena is neutral neutral. She values logic and argument, so she tends not to take a position until she knows all the facts. This can make her somewhat frustrating to be around.

She is less racist than many of her bloodline because she has started to integrate into her new community. She finds other races curious, which can make her seem more racist than she is (I see her as kind of treating other races as an anthropological study). But she is also wary about how integration with other races may change and dilute her culture. She is obsessed with all things elven and had made it her life’s work to recover elven artifacts.

She is also extremely proud to carry on a long family tradition of wizardry. At least one person in each generation of her family has been a wizard, and she has always taken her duty to carry on this tradition very seriously. Her wizard master is her grandfather (named Ilidor), and she strives to emulate him. He is widely respected for his calm, impartial intelligence, and he is frequently called upon to arbitrate disputes in his community.

Her aunt, Neara, was the wizard in the previous generation who had previously been assigned to Ilyena as her master. But before she could begin Ilyena’s training, Neara died fighting a giant spider while exploring ruins for elven artifacts. Ilyena is constantly told how brave and powerful and wise Neara was, so Neara is kind of her paragon to strive toward. Ilidor took over Ilyena’s training after the death of his daughter (whom he had trained). He is still alive and living in Palanthas. He is the one who encouraged Ilyena to move to Kyre, to find her own path. He trusts her intelligence, and in turn, Ilyena feels deep responsibility to make him proud.

Ilyena’s greatest fear is that she will not live up to her family’s honor. She is obsessed with preserving elven history, and she’s determined not to disappoint Ilidor or tarnish the family name. Her greatest weakness is her seriousness. She takes things literally and doesn’t often understand how other people can be so happy-go-lucky in such a dark world. She prefers naked truth to social niceties, which makes her somewhat anti-social. Her greatest strength is her logical view of the world. She has always been the most intelligent among her peers, which isolated her somewhat, so she enjoys the challenge of a good mystery to social interaction. She is insatiably curious about how things work. And her greatest desire is to increase the honor of her family and her people. She believes she can accomplish this both by becoming a world-renowned wizard and by finding elven artifacts and restoring them to her people (which was Neara’s quest in life).

Ilyena of Sylvanesti

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