Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

The Test of High Sorcery

A Cleric's Sacrifice

After a long payer-hiatus, the Heroes of Kyre set out from Halter Wood in search of the Tower of High Sorcery. Much shenanigans occurred, including these personal highlights:

Ilyena traveled with her three companions and eventually found the tower of sorcery, where she met Archmage Nobanion Sylvarian, and her grandfather Illdor. She took the test of sorcery that had three parts, past present and future. The past was a quest to escape the throne room of the doomed king Lorac of Sylvanesti, and in this quest she found her aunt’s lost magic blade. The second test was a bit of an obstacle course and a fight against Bertrand the Crown Knight who she successfully hypnotized. The third test was a brutal throwdown fight against a bunch of draconians. Illyena lost and died.

Except that Agatha, Cleric of Paladine made a heroic sacrifice to bring her back from the dead, thus ensuring that she passed the test of high sorcery, because you only fail if you die, so ipso facto, she must have passed since she is now alive. Agatha also scored some sweet Royal Jelly from Illdor.

Kyras Half-Elven met with Trevor, leader of the elven warband and discovered that his father’s family name was probably Sylvarian, but that they don’t have a ton of political power lately since the destruction of the capital city. While meeting with the Conclave of Sorcerers, Kyras overheard Dalamar the Dark demanding that the Conclave turn over the Arkenkey artifact to “the Master of Past and Present” Raistlin Majere.

Pete Uth Drakkon put up a heroic fight in the final battle against the draconians, personally slaying about 10 of them and shielding the other party members with his lithe sexy body (and plate mail armor!).

The entire party woke up in cozy beds in the Tower of High Sorcery, and are ready to journey back south after only about a 3 day absence from the rest of the party in Halter Wood. But first, perhaps the Sorcerers have magic items to sell?



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