Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

The Adventurers Assemble

First Quest

A boy runs in to the Weeping Widow Inn, proclaiming loudly that his farm is under attack by a roving band of goblins. Two knights stand to their feet, Yeltsin and Pete uth Drakkon, who proclaim that they will help save the poor farmers. The Lady-Mage Ilyena of Sylvanesti and her bard friend Kyras Half-Elven, who are bored with just sitting around and drinking all day, decide to join them. Off across the hills, along the goat track they went.

Smelling fire as they entered the farm, Pete charged into the yard to see four goblins chasing after chickens, and generally dicking around. After challenging them to surrender, he dismounted and chased them behind the house, followed by the bard and the mage. Yeltsin headed into the farm house, to see some blood. Both knights were shocked to see goblins jumping out everywhere! The Knights and their heroic Silvanesti companions fought them, with the battle turning event being the awesome power of Ilyena’s sleep spell that sent four of the goblins ‘nite nite’. Thought there was one casualty, a small farmer lad, the day was generally saved by the heroes.

Retiring to Kyre, the heroes brought the goblin prisoners before Sir Jormund uth Tammo, who praised their quickness, but admonished the knights on their lack of care for life itself, the highest Measure. He then suggested that the four heroes made a good team, and that they should ride out on patrol. And so the heroes did, slaying some wolves, and rescuing some lost cows, returning the hides and cows to a Rancher’s League hacienda in the south. There the heroes heard news of the lost silver mine in the south east.

Kyras the bard gathered much information from different sources, hinting that there were goblins, ogres or worse occupying the mine. A shifty dude in the Weeping Widow suggested that he might act as a fence for procured goods. The Bard also had a sweet dream of harp music, and the star pattern of Branchala the god of music, and was healed much from his wounds by the sound of life.

The adventurers ended their session sleeping at the hacienda, in comfortable beds of hay.


Leave a comment here if you want to do anything in-between sessions, such as resupply or purchase goods. Since you are at the hacienda (not Kyre) you have limited access to the good section of the player’s handbook. What goals does your character have for the next session?

The Adventurers Assemble

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