Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

Quest to the South Part 1

The Exposition Continues

In a whirlwind adventure that took the Heroes of Kyre hundreds of miles across the known world, the plot began to thicken. Solomon Star was knighted and given Solomon’s Quest to the South, both by Sir Uth Tammo and also by Lord Barrymore of the Rose, Lord Defender of the regional capital Solanthus. After gathering information from Frogmore the bartender of the Blue Staff Inn and the local priestess of Mishikal Tristaine, the heroes learned of the crate of 8 dragonlances that were lost in a shipping disaster when storm ogres from Ergoth attacked the ship Raven. Once the party moved down the main road to Caregroth, a major port city, they talked with the Raven’s captain, a man name Moonbeam, who told the party of sea monsters with glowing eyes and claws that attacked the ship as it fled the Storm Ogres. The crate of lances was last seen being taken forcefully by the sea monsters, later identified as Merrows, or sea ogres (different from the more civilized Storm Ogres).

The party took to sea on the Osprey, a fast moving caravel, for 200 steel and a promise to defend the ship—and defense was needed as the Osprey came under attack by 6 firedrakes searching for a tasty meal of human flesh. In the fearsome battle, many gouts of firey flame were unleashed, and the Minotaur sailor Daroka Ratsbane was badly burned. But she gave as good as she got, slashing a critical hit on a firedrake with her clabbard blade. The knights made a good show of cutting them apart, even though Pete was burned by the blood of the firedrake when he made a solid cut, and Agatha, Cleric of Paladine did good work healing the party. Some nameless NPC sailors were eaten.

After stopping briefly to rest and heal at the small elven town of Porlinost, and meeting Trevor the Elven Captain, the party sailed further down the coast to the tiny fishing village were the wreck of the Raven took place. A shady bartender pointed the party towards the Village Reeve, named Keanu, who told them a bit more about the wreck and told them of the Sea Ogre (Merrow) clan that has been demanding tribute from the tiny village. He offered food and shelter for the party to defeat the Merrows, and the party accepted. Resting and waiting for the arrival of the rest of the party, the Minotaur and others began to hatch a plot to draw the Merrows out so they could be slain on land, rather than in the water.

Things of Note:
1) Tristaine gave a letter to Solomon Star to give to Lady Ilyena
2) The Shipwreck is said to be nearby
3) The crew of the Osprey may have tools to aid an underwater quest


We should figure out where the Merrows accept their tribute and descend of them with furious vengeance while they are unawares!

Quest to the South Part 1

Agreed! Draw them upon land where they can taste my lance! They shall be SMITE-ED! or…Smote! er…smitten!?

Either way, this injustice cannot stand

Quest to the South Part 1

I believe I said that tribute was due in 8 days from the end of last session. This gives you time to prepare your ambush and to scout the area.

Tribute due 500cp and 5 barrels of fish.

The Merrows collect the tribute on a beach south of the village, near close to the small fishing pier. Usually 8 ogres show up, but who knows…

Quest to the South Part 1

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