Dragonlance: The Heroes of Kyre

Quest to the Silver Mine

The death of a heroic knight

After meeting their new companion, Rupert Half-Elven, the merry band of adventurers continued their patrol along the southern edge of Solamnia, in search of the The Lost Silver Mine rumored to be near that location.

After an uneventful day’s journey, the group sighted a low set of hills. After scouting around the hills, an approach from the south was made. Leading up into the hills, following a ravine, the adventurers sighted a large stone door. It was both a door, and it was a-jar. Upon approach the group was set upon by six goblin guards, throwing hand axes and fighting with spears. Four of these were dispatched and two sent flying into the mine complex. Entering the mines, the team found a foe too great to fight: Ogres! One ogre sent a spear flying at Rupert, wounding him grievously, and the “heroes” beat a hasty retreat.

Returning to Kyre, Rupert and Pete uth Drakkon reported to Sir Jormund uth Tammo that they had found a secret goblin base, and he tasked them with returning en-force to clear out the enemies. Ilyena of Sylvanesti made friends with the Gnomish cleric of Shinare, Snirflibus Geronimanioragus Koobolloo, while Kyras Half-Elven began to right the ruins of the grove of Branchalla on the top of the eastern hill in Kyras.

After two days of rest, the party set out again to the Silver Mine, making no stops. They devised a plan to burn a bush outside the door of cave to smoke out the ogres. And it worked! The ogres rushed out only to find the keen blades of three knights of Solamnia, since Solomon Star decided to join the group. Rupert got hit hard by an ogre club, Kyras killed the first ogre with help from the team, and then Rupert redeemed himself by killing the final ogre. Huzzah! The party entered the Silver Mine once more, to see a barreling cart of Hobgoblins entering the fray, led by their master Jungwasser. The fight was hot and heavy, with many Hobs fleeing and fighting this way and that, and Kyras casting his new Illusion spell to make it seem like more Knights were on the way. Jungwasser was damaged by an arrow, and he fled with some of his goons. But the final few Hobs tore into Rupert, slaying him utterly! Woe to the party!

After laying out Rupe’s body, the party continued into the mine. The entrance way was clearly carved by dwarves during the era after the Cataclysm, and was dedicated to Reorx the god of dwarves and crafts-persons. Constructed as a long hall with a track for a cart, the Heroes followed along the tunnels, finding a side passage filled with Cave Fishers. After a battle that was very tug-of-war, the Fishers were defeated and their treasure gained—A green stone box, a red gem necklace, and a platinum statue of Reorx. While a side passage was left unexplored, the party continued on to the back of the chamber to find Jungwasser.

The battle against the final hobs didn’t last long, since the enchantress just slept them all except ol’ Jungwasser, who ran to escape by way of a deep well. A sword slash from Pete seemed to end his life, as his body fell backwards into the well with a sploosh. After collecting the Hobs treasure, including 5,000 cp and 6 goats, the party returned to the city with the body of their fallen companion.

During a week off from adventuring, Pete uth Drakkon was knighted for his great work, and Soloman commended. Illyena learned some new spells, and Kyras began composing the future hit dirge, Song of Rupert. Thus the adventure concluded.


So what did y’all do with the goats?

Quest to the Silver Mine

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